Executive Slacks - Seams Ruff LP+7" Flexi


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Label: Dark Entries

Our Review:

Dark Entries has unearthed a great collection of early demo tracks from Philadelphia's premier (only?) synthetic Dada punks, Executive Slacks. Wonderfully horrible sounding rhythm machines and blown out analog patterns are bombarded by shards of brittle guitar and raving lunatic vocals. Referentially speaking the band maintains a nice balance between more traditional industrial racket ala Cabaret Voltaire or S.P.K. with the damaged / disemboweled dance floor sensibilities of cassette-era Neon Judgement or Severed Heads. As a long-time fan, it is a real pleasure to hear raw, unfiltered versions of familiar tracks like "30 Years" and "I'm Coming" among others. Also included is a flexi containing a particularly psychotic sounding live radio session from 1980. Essential listening for public transit or architectural demolition.

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