Guided By Voices - King Shit & The Golden Boys LP


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Label: Scat

Our Review:

Originally released in 1995, as part of the Guided By Voices Box, which also contained a handful of other old albums (including Devil Between My Toes, Sandbox, Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia and Same Place The Fly Got Smashed) King Shit And The Golden Boys is made up of tracks from intentionally unreleased records (Learning To Hunt, Back To Saturn X Radio Report), some of which eventually made it onto singles or into the later GBV suitcase boxes, as well as a bunch of tracks that were recorded for and subsequently left off of Bee Thousand (which went through a bunch of different iterations, each with unique material that ended up not being on the final version, some of those are here), so the sound on King Shit is not that far removed from Bee Thousand (obviously) or the two previous (and also awesome) albums Propeller and Vampire On Titus. Lo-fi for sure, but GBV mastermind Bob Pollard was already demonstrating that his castoffs were better than what most bands could conjure up doing their very goddamn best. And it's true, the second half of King Shit, pretty much any/all of these could have ended up on the Bee Thousand we know and love and even some of those earlier tracks, are so impossible catchy, and this was 20 years ago, and let's remember, somehow Pollard and company have STILL not run out of songs. Good songs, hell GREAT songs. But these near misses will definitely have GBV nuts freaking out. If you never managed to nab one of the boxes, this is well worth your time, and it makes sense that it's being reissued with Bee Thousand, cuz it's essentially a B1000 companion, and really, there's not much of a stronger recommendation than MORE Bee Thousand. All hail GBV!