Rhys Chatham / Bill Orcutt - November 6th at The Lab


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Stranded presents:
Rhys Chatham
Bill Orcutt

Sunday, November 6th
at The Lab, San Francisco

Doors at 8pm / Music at 9pm

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Rhys Chatham is a composer/performer from NY currently living in Paris. Having played in the groups of Tony Conrad and La Monte Young during the early seventies, his current projects include his orchestras of 100-200 electric guitars as well as his smaller Guitar Trio configuration. He plays trumpet, flutes and electric guitar going through a battery of delays in solo contexts as well as with other musicians including Charlemagne Palestine, Z'EV, Le Sacre Bleu, and French improvisors Jean-Fran├žois Pauvros and Jean-Marc Montera.

Born in Miami in the year of Cuban missile crisis and educated in Florida's finest institutions, Bill Orcutt is usually recognized as the co-founder of the band Harry Pussy. Sometimes clanging and ominous, other times mournful and slight, strangely alienating, but simultaneously vulnerable and cathartic, his music is compared with equal frequency to avant-garde composers and rural bluesman.

Photo by Estelle Hanania.