Rimarimba - Light Metabolism Number Prague 4xLP


Label: RVNG Intl.

Release Date: September 21st, 2018

Light Metabolism Number Prague, an imagined fifth Rimarimba album of (mostly) unreleased music, would have followed the 1987 cassette / LP, Chicago Death Excretion Geometry. LMNP is a wonderfully compelling set of music, full of stately and slow gestures soft-coded in computer music. A kind of urban, DIY folk expression; the music from small towns where not very much happens, but hidden away in bedrooms, lofts and tacked-together studios, all kinds of strangeness percolates. At its core, the gorgeous music on LMNP is pure Rimarimba. "A style finds you," Robert Cox, Rimarimba's guiding spirit, says, "you don’t find it. We accumulate and cling to little lines down the years... I tend to play in threes and fives, not twos and fours. So be it."