Slapp Happy - Sort Of LP+CD


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Label: Tapete

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The short-lived but highly influential art rock trio have had a storied history among the seventies European experimental music scene. Formed by British experimental composer, Anthony Moore after his German record label deemed his music not commercial enough for release, Slapp Happy was a quickly cobbled together pop music project with Moore's then German girlfriend, Dagmar Kraus (later of Henry Cow and The Art Bears) and his American friend who happened to be visiting him at the time, Peter Blegvad. Using the seminal krautrock band, Faust as their backing band, Slapp Happy recorded two albums of scrappy cabaret-inflected pop songs, Sort Of from 1972 and Acnalbasac Noom from 1974. Both of these are reissued on vinyl for the first time in their original form.