On The Turntable: A Certain Ratio October 04 2017

A Certain Ratio is one of the early bands the Manchester post-punk community alongside Joy Division and The Durutti Column who all were at the heart of Factory Records. Taking their name from a Brian Eno lyric, A Certain Ratio crafted a sound that evolved through the bleak references of post-punk into a groove-oriented, funk-pop ensemble by the mid-'80s.

Mute revisits ACR's back catalogue with a trio of necessary reissues. The Graveyard And The Ballroom, their debut from 1980, introduced the world to the band's gritty, raw energy. Furthering their fusion of funk, electronics and jagged post-punk, To Each found the group in the studio for the first time with legendary producer Martin Hannett. Their swan song for Factory, Force, features loose-limbed, club culture grooves.

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