On The Turntable: Aphex Twin July 10 2017

Beginning his brilliant career as a teen prodigy of adventurous electronica in the late '80s, Aphex Twin (aka Richard D. James) remains a pioneering creative force. His command of acid techno, sentient ambient composition and polydactyl drum 'n' bass mayhem is matched by his preternatural grasp of melody and rhythm, made sublime through his unconventional approaches to technology.

One of the many pinnacles of the Aphex catalogue occurred in the mid to late '90s through an adventurous series of unparalleled recordings. These included I Care Because You Do (1995), Richard D. James Album (1996), Come To Daddy (1997) and Windowlicker (1999).

In this necessary reissue campaign, Warp revisits these timeless documents from one of the greatest electronic musicians.

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