On The Turntable: Autechre October 24 2016

Autechre is the pioneering experimental electronic duo of Sean Booth and Rob Brown who began their illustrious career of algorithmic abstraction as teenagers in their hometown of Manchester in the late '80s. Hip hop, acid trax, breakdancing, hardcore techno and Miami bass were equal influences for these precocious lads.

After a couple of false starts in the early '90s, Autechre emerged fully-formed as a dynamic presence for the nascent Warp Records. At this time, Warp championed the supple techno and acid breakbeat portent of Tricky Disco, Sweet Exorcist, LFO and Nightmares On Wax. The 1992 compilation Artificial Intelligence was the first introduction to many of the artists who would become the icons of abstract electronic music throughout the late '90s and into the new millennium. Richard James / Aphex Twin, Alex Patterson of The Orb, and Richie Hawtin all appeared on this compilation alongside Autechre, albeit under different guises.

With UK dance machine churning out compilations of faceless techno and acid house, Artificial Intelligence was markedly different in its radical pursuit of an electronic signature that didn't necessarily have to align with the dancefloor. The infamous genre descriptor Intelligent Dance Music came directly from this compilation marked by darkly playful experiments and cerebral riddles. Autechre, like Aphex Twin, distanced themselves from the IDM tag, yet Autechre were at the center of this research and development – producing one of the few bodies of work from the era that easily stands the test of time.

Across Incunabula, Amber, and Tri Repetae, Autechre tangle the vectors of dissonance, rhythmic eccentricities and cybernetic ambience with in unpredictably brilliant and uncompromisingly complex avenues.

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