On The Turntable: Harry Partch's And On The Seventh Day Petals Fell In Petaluma October 09 2017

Composer, instrument builder and part-time vagabond, Harry Partch was born in Oakland, California. In the 1950s and 1960s, Partch ran his own label Gate 5 out of an abandoned Sausalito shipyard, creating intricate musical works that rejected the traditional equal-tempered system and inspired generations of microtonal composers such as Lou Harrison, James Tenney and Ellen Fullman.

New World Records presents this reissue of And On The Seventh Day Petals Fell In Petaluma, which includes previously unpublished bonus tracks. Assembled over a three-year period, the album features multi-tracked parts of Partch's unique instruments and therefore could never be recreated in a live performance context.

An all-time favorite of ours here at Stranded, Petals is one of the best records in Partch's vast catalogue.

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