On The Turntable: Psychic TV July 05 2017

Psychic TV revisits two seminal recordings from the mid '80s with the reissue of Allegory & Self and Pagan Day. The band has long been synonymous with provocateur Genesis P-Orridge, as a platform for media-savvy, culture jamming philosophies. Throughout an iconoclastic career, P-Orridge has steered PTV through industrial experimentation, 'hyperdelic' mod-rock and acid-house electronica.

These two records represent an early chapter for Psychic TV highlighting the songwriting prowess of founding member Alex Fergusson. Allegory & Self (1988) is the final document with Fergusson on guitar. Pagan Day (1984) is a rare glimpse into the four-track recordings between Fergusson and P-Orridge.

Newly remastered and reissued on vinyl for the first time since the late '80s.

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