Horacio "Chivo" Borraro - Blues Para Un Cosmonauta LP


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Label: Altercat

Fans of Coltrane will certainly dig this historical 1970s spiritual jazz album from Argentina which left an everlasting imprint in the local jazz scene. From the eerie "Blues para un cosmonauta" – which could easily fit in the Twin Peaks soundtrack – , to the majestic "Líneas Torcidas" or the mid-tempo groove of "Mi amigo Tarzán", new landscapes in jazz are explored without hiding, at moments, the musicians' bebop pedigree. Venturing into unchartered dimensions, the album breaks with traditionalism and combines jazz and new electronic instruments into a contemporary concept that is both cosmic and sensual, a sound where timbre and space play a crucial role. Here, no track sounds like the other.

The charismatic, multifaceted saxophone player Horacio "Chivo" Borraro is joined here most notably by Fernando Gelbard – who pioneered electronic keyboards and analog synths in Argentina, playing here Fender Rhodes and Minimoog – and Brazilian musician Stenio Mendes – who plays the 12-string craviola and contributes two tracks. Jorge González on bass and Néstor Astarita on drums – both part of Gato Barbieri's rhythm section in the early 60s – and Chino Rossi – responsible for much of the unusual percussion and special effects that give the album its unprejudiced aura – complete the line-up of Blues para un Cosmonauta.

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