Brian Eno - Before And After Science LP


Sold Out

Label: Astralwerks

Produced by Eno and Rhett Davies, over 100 tracks were written for Before And After Science with only 10 making the album's final cut. The musical styles featured range from energetic and jagged to more languid and ethereal. The album marks Eno's last foray into rock music in the '70s as a solo artist, with all his remaining records of the decade showcasing more of his ambient music, which was hinted at on the second half of Before And After Science. Unlike Eno's previous albums, which were recorded in a very short time, Before and after Science was two years in the making. During this two-year period, Eno was busy working on his solo ambient albums Music For Films and Discreet Music as well as Bowie's Heroes and Low.

On Before and After Science, Eno worked with Fred Frith, Jaki Liebezeit of Can, Cluster, Dave Mattacks of Fairport Convention, Andy Fraser of Free, Percy Jones, Phil Collins, Robert Fripp, Paul Rudolph of Hawkwind, Bill MacCormick and Phil Manzanera (then of Quiet Sun) and Robert Wyatt, who went under the pseudonym of Shirley Williams.

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