Terry Riley - Songs For The Ten Voices Of The Two Prophets LP


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Label: Beacon Sound

Our Review:

Songs For The Ten Voices Of The Two Prophets originally released in 1983 on the German kosmische label Kuckuck, marked a new direction for Riley. Here, we find Riley not only switching instruments from the Yamaha organ to the Prophet 5 polyphonic synthesizer, but also with shifting his focus towards the voice. Long an acolyte of his mentor, the Hindustani classical singer Pandit Pran Nath, Riley recorded this piece live in Munich, channeling the deep raga vocal styling of the master vocalist. Two Prophet synthesizers provide the percolating foundation of warm swirls and polychromatic bell tones. His voice floats through undulating valleys and peaks, intoning poetic mantras of vivid mystical experience. An incredibly deep and lovely listen that comes highly recommended. Remastered on vinyl for the first time since its original release. Limited repress, so act fast!

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