Ahoe-Ahoea - True Love Never Dies LP


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Label: Bunker Pop

Our Review:

Originally known as Na Een Keer Oefenen (After One Rehearsal), this early-1980s Dutch outfit was quickly and earnestly re-christened Ahoe-Ahoea, a homage to Johnny Weissmuller's epic Tarzan yell from the 1930s film. That bizarre jungle yodeling would figure prominently in the vocals of Marius van Dalen whose chaotic, lyrical confrontation would provide an aggressive basis for Ahe-Ahoea's more stretched-out and recognizable post-punk delivery. Like all DIY music of the era, the focus is on inspiration and immediacy, with Ahoe-Ahoea showing as much gumption and gnash as many of the more storied acts chronicled by Messthetics. True Love Never Dies is Bunker Pop's excavation of Ahoe-Ahoea's lone 1983 cassette, re-casting this Dutch art squat house-band as part of the larger DIY movement.