Adelbert Von Deyen - Sternzeit LP


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Label: Bureau B

Our Review:

One of the more obscure names of the Berlin School, yet one of the more prolific kosmiche synth-wizards on the Sky label, it's surprising that it has taken this long for Adelbart Von Deyen's early recordings to be reissued. His first album Sternzeit (German for "stardate") released in 1978 seems right out of the Klaus Schultze / Tangerine Dream playbook: long-form sci-fi themed electronic journeys tinged with atmospheric longing and a vague glimmer of hope. Comprised of two sidelong tracks, the title piece a 25-minute opus of dark alien drones and John Carpenter-ish horror movie synthscapes counteracts the more airier and rhythmically spacey 3-part suite "Per Aspera Ad Astra."

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