Nhk Yx Koyxen - Doom Steppy Reverb LP


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Label: Diagonal

Our Review:

Any takers on offering forth a pronunciation on the incomprehensibly tongue-twisting moniker NHK Yx Koyxen? Maybe a certain method acting is required to bend the tongue around those syllables, by swallowing some equally unnamable chemical compound where tunnel vision and heart palpitations are the minor side-effects to the libidinal blur of a pharmacologically ecstatic head-rinse. Such is the sound of Doom Steppy Reverb, an acid-jacked polyglot of techno mutation, schizoid frequencies, crashed hard-drives, and breakbeat swagger. The dude producing all of this is Kouhei Matsunaga, who has worked with Autechre and Merzbow on occasion; and NHK Yx Koyxen feels very much like an exaggerated recombination of something that Gescom might have cranked out in the early Skam days. Heady angular syncopations drips with teeth-clinched flanges and dilating filter-sweep modulations that pitch the linear rhythmic swing of the crisp hi-hats and the sodden bass-bin thumps into low-orbit near misses between two careening deep space objects. Watch out!

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