Various - Pra Quem Sabe Das Coisas LP


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Label: Discos Nada

One of the rarest and most enigmatic LPs in the Brazilian discography, Prá Quem Sabe das Coisas is a collective album that gathered a group of students from São Paulo Law School, supported by the organist/pianist Renato Mendes, one of samba-jazz's most important names. Released in 1973 by the label EBRAU, finally has a refined reissue and its mysteries revealed, exactly half a century later, considering that it was recorded in 1971 but put in the market as LP only two years later. Reissue includes original insert replica with lyrics and an extra insert with unseen photos and an exclusive interview that the journalist and researcher Marcelo Pinheiro did with Cau Pimentel adding even more to the richness of this workpiece, composed by many writers and performers in 1971. Features Cau, Liliana, Renato Mendes, Marcão, Eulalia, and Vera.

According to Disk Union/Think Records (released CD reissue of this record): "Mysterious acid bossa psychedelic folk masterpiece recorded in 1971 and released in 1973 on a small Brazilian label. Recorded by students of the law school in São Paulo, under the influence of Sgt. Pepper's mixed with bossa nova. It's a chaotic yet delicate and sophisticated. I can't imagine it being composed or recorded by amateur musicians that they were, except by Renato Mendes, who has been active as a first-class musician since the jazz bossa period and was a Brazilian pioneer recording an album using a Moog synthesizer in 1974. It can be said that it greatly contributes to the miraculous perfection of this work. Known among record collectors as a record that attracts not only Brazilian music fans but also psychedelic and acid folk fans, the original version is a gem and sells for over USD1000."

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