Gate - Fear Of Music 2xLP


Sold Out

Label: Fabrica

Edition of 300.

First ever reissue on any format of the debut release from Gate, long-running solo outfit of Dead C's Michael Morley. Originally released as a cassette on Morley's own Precious Metals imprint in 1989, Fabrica is proud to excavate this early statement and lay it across three sides of vinyl. For 30 years Morley has maneuvered Gate through guitar squall, electronica, drone, and acoustic ventures, but on Fear of Music we're treated to smeared guitar-based noise rock in the tradition of early Sonic Youth, Total, the bedroom indie folk of Sebadoh, and fellow kiwis Dadamah. Alternately sprawling and propulsive, shifting in and out of focus with drum machine and concrete elements topped off with Morley's unmistakable croon, this gem of the New Zealand underground is presented anew in all its hazy luster.