Head Voice - Issue #1 (Autumn 2023) Magazine


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Label: Head Voice

8.25" x 6". 84 pages.

The debut issue of this new zine founded by Ben Chasny, Donovan Quinn and James Toth in the spirit of early Tape Op. With features on Matt Valentine, Peter Laughner, Cheval Sombre, Naomi Yang, Kristen Gallerneaux and Jason Quever.

"Welcome to the first issue of Head Voice, a collaborative effort to discuss music and sound production that Donovan Quinn, James Toth, and I, find interesting. We were sitting around talking about how it would be cool if there was a zine that dealt with more underground musicians and unorthodox styles of recording and realized that instead of complaining that there wasn't a publication like we wanted, we needed to do it ourselves. The world seems to be overflowing with tips and tricks and how-to-do-this and how-to-do-that, but we're more interested in the music. We plan on talking to both musicians who record themselves and people who record others. We want to write about the joy of recording while keeping in mind the primacy of the music. That's what is most important to us. Thank you for reading." – Ben Chasny