JH1.FS3 - Loyalty LP


Sold Out

Label: Ideal

Our Review:

This anagrammatic abbreviation unscrambles into the names for Frederikke Hoffmeier - aka Puce Mary and Jesse Sanes, former frontman of the nihilist punk outfit Hoax and now operating in the power electronics guise Leibestod. Both Hoffmeier and Sanes share a taste for grim expanses for gristled sicktones, slow panzer rhythms and declarative vocalizations broadcasting grotesque exaggerations of anxiety, rage and despair. Those joint aesthetics certainly carry over on Loyalty, with both parties focused on the other as the subject and object of their noise poetics. More often than not, they address the complications of sexual dynamics that can go against the titular theme. The electric volatility found on their separate work is somewhat tempered. This seems by design as if to accentuate and highlight the content of their spoken couplets, with Hoffmeier's uttering in emotionally detached monotone and Sanes lurking with an prowling aggression. "Visions Of A Scene" sets a creeping low synth pulse along a narrative through field recordings of nervous footsteps and anxious breathing racing through field and forest. A voyeuristic re-enactment of a crime, the manifestation of sexual fantasies, the fracture of identity within a relationship - these are just a few of the tangled themes Hoffmeier and Sanes wrestle with on Loyalty.

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