Dettinger - Intershop LP+CD


Sold Out

Label: Kompakt

After revetting the sold out Kompakt classics Triumph from Jurgen Paape and The Field's From Here We Go Sublime, we direct our attention to another almost mystical release from our own days of yore: just as The Field's iconic debut album, Dettinger's full-length milestone Intershop from 1999 had never seen a vinyl release before – a much-deplored oversight that we're going to amend for Record Store Day 2015.

Restored to breathtaking beauty, the newly mastered Intershop is one of our most renowned pre-millennium offerings, a surprise best seller and a style-defining predecessor of the then-nascent pop ambient genre. A massive fan favorite even after 16 years, it was originally released on CD only and held seven masterfully crafted cuts introducing the listener to a new blueprint for electronic music. Wayfaring somewhere in between field recordings, pop stylings and dreamy textures, sonics like these were simply unheard of: indeed latching onto early ambient experiments from artists like Wolfgang Voigt, but taking a different path to pop epiphany, Dettinger carved out a niche on his own that was soon to become the breeding ground for a whole generation of ambient-minded artists. Also, Intershop has been utterly sold out for a while now – another perfectly good reason to return to this masterpiece with a fresh set of ears. Let's lounge like it's 1999!

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