Muslimgauze - Citadel 2xLP


Label: Kontakt Audio

Release Date: July 19th, 2024

English musician Bryn Jones is one of the most original and productive artists on the post-industrial scene. He has released an incredible amount of music in just 16 years. According to current estimates, he has released at least 200 albums for a total of over 1,900 songs in circulation.

Citadel: The Extreme Years 1990-1994 is a compilation of all Muslimgauze's music released on the Australian label Extreme Music between 1990 and 1994.

According to many critics and fans, this was a unique and very special period in Bryn's work, during which he went from amateur musician to experimental sound sculptor. Sadly, Bryn passed away in early 1999 at the age of 38. The original tracks have been perfectly remastered for this first vinyl release and the new masters have been praised by Extreme Music owner Roger Richards.