Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem - Vous Et Nous 2xLP


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Label: Kythibong

Art is a matter of different phases and influence. The artists' core reaches out like heat waves. And very rarely do these artists' cores merge like Brigitte Fontaine and Arseki Belkacem have. Their Saravah Era lasted ten years (1969 to 1979), ten years of "folle sagesse" (crazy wisdom), above all genres and song limitation.

"Le plaisir secret que donne une chanson, dessin à la craie sur le mur de tes sons" (the personal delight within song, a chalk drawing on your wall of sounds) whispers Areski, right after Brigitte's voice on the penultimate song of the double album Vous Et Nous. Released in 1977, this free flowing record contains 33 songs, it's their 6th album after Comme À La Radio, Brigitte Fontaine, Je Ne Connais Pas Cet Homme, L'Incendie and Le Bonheur, and it continues to spread the wide and generous spectrum of the couple's fully blossoming talent.

Electronic experiments, North African trance, refined acoustics and medieval drones gracefully blend with the acid and candid tongues of the singers, surprising us each step along the way. The making of this record was also full of twists and turns. It started out as a solo effort by Areski at Jean-Pierre Chambard's studio. Little by little, as Areski was filling tapes with poems and improvised skits, Brigitte would sneak into the studio at nightfall, adding her voice here and there, her whispers then became screams, giving fuel to the fire in a total blaze, a surreal blaze. The solitary work ("je") thrived to become us ("nous") and you ("vous”).