Nikolaus Utermohlen - Karlsbad LP


Label: La Scie Dorée

Edition of 500.

Nikolaus Utermöhlen was a founding member of Die Tödliche Doris and this is his sole solo release, originally released in 1989. A collection of 23 witty oddball compositions for clarinet, accordion, percussion, recorder, violin, guitar, organ. It definitely has a Doris dose but even more so it shines for its totally singular mélange of tribal dada chamber folk, dilettante dissonant poetry, hard to compare with anything else. A slice of flamboyant wellness.

The recordings of this album were made for the Georgette Meunier film by Tania Stöcklin and Cyrille Rey-Coquais. Issued from the original master tapes and includes the eight-page booklet with engravings from the Karlsbad spa era.

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