Richard Morton Jack - Labyrinth: British Jazz On Record 1960-75 Book


Label: Lansdowne

Hardcover edition, 375 pages.

The massive Labyrinth celebrates over three hundred British jazz albums released between 1960 and 1975, offering background details, excerpts from original reviews, and high-quality images that reproduce their artwork and labels at near-full size, detailed background info and revealing excerpts from original reviews as well as an introduction by Tony Reeves (Mike Taylor Quartet, New Jazz Orchestra, Colosseum).

Covering trad jazz, mainstream jazz, abstract jazz, avant-garde jazz, serial jazz, free jazz, Indo-jazz, jazz-rock and more, it tells a story Britain should be proud of: open-minded and creative musicians pushing the boundaries of their art in the face of penury and indifference, and welcoming influences from a range of cultures via immigrant musicians such as Joe Harriott (Jamaica), Amancio D'Silva (India), Guy Warren (Ghana) and Harry Beckett (Barbados). 

This beautiful, limited edition hardback (quarter-bound in cloth) is the most comprehensive overview of the subject ever published.