Aqueduct Ensemble - Improvisations On An Apricot LP


Sold Out

Label: Last Resort

Aquaduct Ensemble is another Ohioan find from the label that debuted with the GS Schray LP. A collaboration between Keith Freund, who has previously released music as part of both Lejsovka & Freund and Trouble Books, and his neighbor Stu, who is a piano tuner and professional pianist.

"It’s been a couple years, but I’ve put together a new record, this time with my neighbor Stu and a few other friends. Stu’s been tuning the piano Linda and I were using for our Lejsovka & Freund and Trouble Books recordings, and I’ve always enjoyed the test scales and vignettes he would run through checking his work.

I floated the idea to collaborate on a sort of 70s/80s ECM kinda vibe, and soon started bringing my laptop and a couple microphones over to his house to collect his improvisations and have him add to pieces I had started. Other friends from the neighborhood dropped by to add parts here and there as well.

The recordings were made primarily in the summers of 2016 & 2017 (with a break in-between to mourn the triumph of neo-fascism as well as the passing of beloved pets). Ultimately I tried to follow the feel of those summer nights and the tranquility they offered. Open air or at least open windows, drifting along, you know?"

-KF, Spring 2018