Hiromasa Suzuki - Primrose LP


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Label: Le Tres Jazz Club

Le Tres Jazz Club present a first time vinyl reissue of Hiromasa Suzuki's Primrose, originally released in 1978. Hiromasa Suzuki is a Japanese pianist who began his recording career in the early '70s. Nicknamed "Colgen" in Japan, he is well-known for two amazing records combining jazz-fusion and traditional Japanese instruments (Rock-Joint Biwa and Rock-Joint Cipher on the RCA label), jazz-funk oriented albums (High-Flying and Skip Step Cogen), and the famous record from the Electro Keyboard Orchestra, his band along with other famous Japanese pianists Yuji Ohno and Hideo Ichikawa. But Hiromasa Suzuki was also interested in more classical jazz. In 1978 he released Primrose on the Union label. It's a beautiful record of modal jazz, with Nobuyoshi Ino on bass and Steve Jackson on drums. An absolutely hard-to-find record, even in Japan, the album features incredible compositions like "Hornet," "Discharge," or "Early Summer."

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