Marco Bosco - Metalmadeira LP


Label: Les Giants

"In 1983, at 27 years of age, already working intensely and carrying my instruments on the road of music in various directions and already fully contaminated by dreams of music and the magic of recording, which started with my beloved and memorable Group Acaru in 1980 in the live album recorded in Tokyo and the album Aqualouco recorded in São Paulo in 1981, at the dawn of independent production in Brazil. With the dispersion of Group Acaru, it was inevitable for me to go solo, not very common for a percussion player at that time. Looking at my instruments I realized that most were made of Metal or Wood and the junction of these two words in Portuguese Metalmadeira generated a third word "Alma" which means soul, and expresses intensely where my artistic and musical expression was coming from, and it was outside academia. Metalmadeira, now a 35-year-old son, keeps giving me joy and feeding my soul! At the São Paulo Art Biennial in 1984, I gave a copy of this album to the English musician and producer Brian Eno who was doing a seminar on minimalist music."

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