Caroline K - Now Wait For Last Year LP


Label: Mannequin

Mannequin Records is proud to present the official reissue of Caroline K's outstanding 1987 album Now Wait For Last Year.

This haunting, wistful work of post-industrial synthesizer music is the late Nocturnal Emissions co-founder only solo record, which has accrued a fervent cult following over the past 40 years, and copies of the original pressing are today extremely rare and sought-after.

The music on Now Wait For Last Year seems to exist firmly outside of it. Tags like industrial, minimal synth or proto-techno can't really do justice to the richly cinematic sound-world that Caroline K describes: from the sustained ambient tension of sidelong opener "The Happening World" to the future-primitive rhythms and stately piano flourishes "Animal Lattice", and the melancholic, deep-frozen synth sequences of "Cheart".

For fans of Throbbing Gristle, Chris Carter, Nocturnal Emissions, and even early Detroit techno lovers should pay special attention to it.

All tracks composed, arranged, played, recorded and produced by Caroline K.

Photograph by Jake Kirkwood while the original design is by Nigel Ayers.


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