Ash Ra Tempel - s/t LP


Label: MG.ART

Release Date: September 29th, 2023

Standard black vinyl version.

First-ever official reissue on vinyl since 1975. Ash Ra Tempel is the eponymous debut studio album by the Krautrock band Ash Ra Tempel. It features guitarist Manuel Gottsching with drummer Klaus Schulzeand bassist Hartmut Enke. Engineered by Conny Plank, it was recorded in March and June 1971 on Ohr Records. This 50th Anniversary Album will be released in memoriam of all the musical contributors to this release and on Manuel Gottsching's MG.ART label.

"On our album, the track 'Amboss' represents the first layer. Conventional instruments communicate familiar music which is in part expanded through electronic means. In the second track of the album – 'Traummaschine' – the actual basic sound approach is dissolved into an electronic Nirvana which no longer allows the concrete identification of actual instruments. Innocent, virgin listening, free from any and every association, can finally begin – and the music can be absorbed and processed free from the limitations of categorization. That is the purpose of our music: To convey freedom without any predetermined criteria or traditions. Thank you for your attention." – Manuel Gottsching (Taken from the original A-R-T Bio 1970)

Re-cut carefully overseen by Manuel Gottsching. 350 gram quadro fold-out sleeve that exactly replicates complex/original OHR die-cut jacket, A2 Poster, two (German and English) A4 inlay with original bio sheet written by Manuel Gottsching (1970). Pressed at Optimal, Germany.

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