Can - Live In Paris 1973 2xLP


Sold Out

Label: Mute

Live in Paris 1973 finds Can in magical form for a performance recorded at L'Olympia in Paris on 12 May 1973, marking the first of the live series to feature Damo Suzuki on vocals.

From 1970-73 the core line up of Irmin Schmidt, Jaki Liebezeit, Michael Karoli, and Holger Czukay were joined by Japanese improviser and vocalist Suzuki. They met after a chance encounter while Suzuki was busking in Munich, and several months after the Paris 1973 performance his wanderlust would take him back on the road.

This new album in the series allows us to witness the band at a particularly important stage of their career, with two of their most acclaimed albums – Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi, the latter feeding into the Paris performance – recently released. The recording itself was uncovered and pieced together from recordings within the Spoon Records vaults and those sent in by helpful fans, and brought into the 21st century by founding member Irmin Schmidt and producer/engineer René Tinner who have compiled and edited all the albums in this series.

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