Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - The Bridge (White Vinyl) LP


Sold Out

Label: Mute

Limited white vinyl edition.

The Grey Area of Mute has announced details of a long-awaited reissue of Thomas Leer and Robert Rental's influential 1979 album, The Bridge. Thomas Leer and Robert Rental, both from Port Glasgow in Scotland, were at the vanguard of a DIY electronic scene that went on to influence and inform the '80s synth-pop movement. After self-releasing two solo 7" singles, they came to the attention of Throbbing Gristle and signed to their label, Industrial Records. Their one and only collaboration, The Bridge, was originally released in 1979, the first non-TG associated release for the label.

Recorded at Rental's home over two intense weeks using equipment provided by Throbbing Gristle – with only rudimentary explanation of how to use it – their groundbreaking album went to #9 in the UK Independent Chart and its influence was cited by a number of electronic musicians at the time including John Foxx, Matt Johnson (The The) and ABC.

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