Don King - On The Mediterranean LP


Sold Out

Label: Nashazphone

Don King was the mid-'80s band from Mark Cunningham (post Mars), originally formed to play Thurston Moore's Noisefest at White Columns in 1981. The six concerts tour in 1986 were the last European appearances of the New York no wave band Don King, starting in Padua and following a wide arc around the Mediterranean, by train, through Switzerland over to Toulouse (France) and then down to Barcelona (Spain).

The original cassette was a selection of the best live recordings released by the historic Barcelona collective 4sellos. Featuring Lucy Hamilton (bass clarinet, guitar, vocals), Arto Lindsay, Duncan Lindsay, Toni Nogueira (percussion tape), John Erskine (producer, percussion tape), and Mark Cunningham (producer, trumpet). Photography by Catherine Ceresole.

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