Roland P. Young - Hearsay I-Land LP


Label: Palto Flats

Recognized for his spiritual jazz classic, Isophonic Boogie Woogie, as well as his more recent output on EM records, Hearsay I-Land presents another parallel and deeply engaging side to Roland P. Young's story. This long-awaited re-release highlights Young's mid-'80s foray into pop structures, soul, and dance music, and comprises the entirety of his scarce 1984 four song 12", "I-LAND," as well as most of his 1987 LP, Hearsay Evidence, both self-released on his Flow-Chart Records. Originally compiled and released in 2013, this updated and remastered edition proudly includes an additional inner sleeve with unpublished photos, tip-on jacket, and a more superb vinyl pressing.

Hearsay I-Land will fit at home in any downtempo '80s New York set. It's a more intimate and personal album, marking a departure for the classically trained clarinetist, and followed a decade in the fervent Bay Area where he experimented within the minimalist and jazz genres, and then with his early '80s work in the postpunk-funk group The Offs. These recordings reflect a change of coasts, with Roland moving to Manhattan, and touch upon many lyrical and worldly themes of the era via Roland's soulful voice, save for "Ballo-Balla," which features floating vocals from his partner Risa over a spacey drum machine and hypnotic bass sequence, imploring the listener to dance.

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