The Proletariat - Soma Holiday LP


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Label: S-S

Our Review:

Born out of Boston's infamous early-1980s hardcore punk scene, The Proletariat's Soma Holiday has much more in common with art-punk agitators like Wire and Gang Of Four than Gang Green and The Freeze, focusing on musical and political smarts rather than chaotic speed and violence. Richard Brown's vocals are more protest chant than punk bark, concise and razor-sharp critiques of America's busted promises, most notably via political, military and economic havoc. Frank Michael's guitarwork borders on the avant-garde by hardcore punk's standards, with the band forging deliberate, adventurous songs that don't rely on flexing or speed to get their urgent message across. Hardcore's anger and power are still entirely evident in their attack, however, making Soma Holiday one of the era's most essential debuts. A timely reissue from S-S Records.

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