Various - Brazil Primitivo Vol. 1: Rhythms, Legends & Styles (1899-1963) LP+CD


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Label: Sound Miracle

The great majority of Brazilian music compiled, notoriously abroad, always has been focused on the same stereotypes, and musical genres as trad-samba and recycled bossa nova. Until now! Sound Miracle Recordings presents the first volume of the Brazil Primitivo collection, titled Brazil Primitivo Vol. 1: Rhythms, Legends & Styles (1899-1963). This 16-track vinyl serves not only to repair this huge gap but as well to celebrate certain rhythms, creators and sui generis styles that had been forgotten, and overlooked, at least for six decades. Have you heard about lundu, chorinho, capoeira, samba de roda, xaxado or toada? Likely not, and this is a spectacular chance to dive into the likes of neglected genius as Pixinguinha, Ataulfo Alves, Monsueto, and many others. Ancient rhythms and colorful sounds as you never heard before. Also, this 16-track album (with two extra tracks on its bonus CD) includes, allegedly, the first Brazilian musical recording made in 1899, and celebrities such as Carmen Miranda (yes, the pin-up actress) and Raul Seixas (yes, the all-time greatest Brazilian rock icon) on his very first musical adventure recorded under the alias Raulzito E Os Panteras. Features Vanja Orico E Demônios Da Garoa, Luiz Gonzaga, Jacob Do Bandolim, Vicente Celestino O, Xisto Bahia, Moacir Franco, Mestre Bimba, Monsueto, Pixinguinha & Orlando Silva, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Lúcio Alves, Jackson Do Pandeiro, Mestre Canjiquinha, Ataulfo Alves, Carmen Miranda, and Raulzito E Os Panteras.

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