Sarah Davachi - All My Circles Run LP


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Label: Students Of Decay

Our Review:

As one of the most original and compelling artists currently working, it's to our collective sonic benefit that Sarah Davachi stays as busy as she does. The composer and multi-instrumentalist released two fantastic LPs last year – Vergers and Dominions – and now follows with All My Circles Run, her second full-length for Students Of Decay and her most arresting work to date.

Davachi's prolific output is somewhat at odds with the air of patience and deliberation that pervades her albums, and it's this sense of purpose and precision that helps make All My Circles Run an early contender for album of the year. Forgoing the analog synthesizers around which she's structured much of her recent work, the pieces on All My Circles Run each center on a specific instrument ("For Strings," "For Organ") around which Davachi builds a lattice-work of sound. Given the lush sonorities Davachi creates, the album's deceptively simple track titles are perhaps best understood as dedications, scrupulous and prismatic displays of each instrument's harmonic intricacies.

This album might elicit some standard art-critical watchwords – textural, ambient, ruminative – but rarely does music achieve the elusive balance between granular detail and disarming expressivity that Davachi shows here. All My Circles Run is captivating work from a singular talent. Do not miss this record.

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