Les Freres Megri - Mahmoud, Hassan Et Younes LP


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Label: Sudiphone

A reissue of Les Frères Mégri's Mahmoud, Hassan Et Younes, originally released in 1974. Les Frères Mégri was a Moroccan rock band formed in Oujda, Morocco in the late 1960s. The band consisted of four members: the three brothers, Hassan, Mahmoud and Younès, and their sister Jalila Mégri. Before the creation of the band, the Megri brothers were popular session musicians, composers and producers in Morocco, starting in the late '50s. In the early '70s, Hassan and Mahmoud released four singles as Les Frères Mégri: El Harib/Heya Essamra, Galouli Ensaha/Kellemtini, Sebar/Ououd Ou Chouk in 1971 and Sabar/Chaaltiha Nar in 1972. This LP, their second album simply titled Younes Hassan Mahmoud and a collaboration between all three brothers, was released in 1974. They re-recorded some of the singles tracks with Younes and the result is one of the finest examples of the early '70s progressive, psych, folk sounds coming from North Africa and beyond. This is an album that stands as a high point for the genre globally. A baroque folk approach that demonstrates utterly mesmerizing results, psychedelic, electric guitars, sitars, bongos, swirling multi-tracked vocals that sound like prime era Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Trees, and the first two Pink Floyd albums – it is of that pedigree. A holy grail LP that has been near impossible to locate for over 40 years. Beautifully remastered, it's presented here in its first ever reissue. Includes the track "Leili Twil," once covered by the Sun City Girls on their 330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond the Rig Veda album. Edition of 500.