Chandra - Transportation Eps 2xLP


Sold Out

Label: Telephone Explosion

Chandra Oppenheim was just twelve years old when her debut EP Transportation, was released in 1981. Encouraged by her father, artist Dennis Oppenheim, she was writing music by the age of nine. In the late 1970s, members of the New York band Model Citizens (later becoming The Dance) were looking to start another group and approached Chandra’s father. Rehearsals began when Chandra was just ten. By the age of 12, Chandra was well-known in the New York underground art and no-wave scenes. Chandra decided to focus on school after the Transportation EP was released, but continued to work on music in her spare time. This lead to another multitrack studio session in 1982, producing four more songs for a second EP that would go unreleased until 2008. Another demo session happened in 1983 producing two unreleased tracks. Chandra Transportation EPs features the 1981 Transportation EP as it was originally released as a 45 rpm 12", the 1982 EP, and two previously unreleased demo tracks from 1983.

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