The Wire - 404 October 2017 Magazine


Sold Out

Label: The Wire

Jlin, Frances Morgan profiles the Chicago footwork outlier. Meanwhile, inside the issue: Tomokazu Hayashi essays a user's guide to the pioneering electronica of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Haruomi Hosono. Geeta Dayal meets veteran Swiss visual artist and kosmische music producer Walter Wegmüller. Invisible Jukebox: Penny Rimbaud; Epiphanies: Noel Meek; Inner Sleeve: Paul Steinbeck; Global Ear: Portland; Unofficial Channels: Pop Not Slop. And in the Bites section, we feature: Hanba!, PSF reissues on Black Editions, Marianna Simnett and Dominique Lawarlee.

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