Tortoise - TNT 2xLP


Sold Out

Label: Thrill Jockey

Limited edition clear vinyl.

TNT is the third studio album by American post-rock band Tortoise, originally released in 1998. After Jeff Parker joined the band in 1996, Tortoise recorded TNT over the course of a year with drummer John McEntire acting as producer. Largely jettisoning the dub and electronic leanings of their previous work, TNT steered the band in a new, more organic direction with a heavier influence taken from jazz and groove. The electronic leanings do remain on the album, however, alongside other styles such as funk, ambient and the band's ongoing krautrock influence. Upon release, the album was critically acclaimed, with reviewers complimenting its postmodern sound. The band toured in promotion of the album in 1998, bringing new, live arrangements to the previously studio-crafted songs.

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