Townes Van Zandt - The Nashville Sessions LP


Label: Tomato

Release Date: July 19th, 2024

Limited edition red vinyl.

“On The Nashville Sessions as throughout Van Zandt’s entire catalogue, the more wretched he sounds, the better - and on the best parts of The Nashville Sessions he almost makes melancholy sound a condition to be envied.” Uncut 

In 1974, Townes Van Zandt recorded what would have been his seventh album, Seven Come Eleven. Business issues prevented its release until the recordings surfaced two decades later as ‘ The Nashville Sessions. In 2014, Townes Van Zandt’s original manager and producer Kevin Eggers gave Charly Records’ Rob Caiger and engineer Pete Reynolds the only surviving tapes to restore/remaster to present a stunning document of the folk-blues master at his absolute peak, originally released on vinyl for the first time in 2015. 

“You did a first-class with the record. The packaging looks sensational and the records sound great. That was what matter most to me over the years. I know Townes would be very pleased. The simple truth is the only things that matter to him was his songs and his music. All the rest was bullshit and he could have cared less. We began as dear friends and that’s how it ended just before his death. When it came to the music he gave all he had to give.” Kevin Eggers (March 2015)

New deluxe gatefold sleeve with a 4-page Illustrated booklet.

Sleeve notes by Uncut’s Rob Hughes.