DJ King Flow - Lifetime LP


Label: Trad Vibe

Release Date: May 31st, 2024

Based near Nantes & just 30 years old, Dj King Flow has almost 20 years of beatmaking under his belt, with numerous trips back and forth between France and the USA. His many travels have enabled him to network with a large number of independent MCs.
Today he presents Halftime, his first project on vinyl, which speaks volumes when you see the many names of hip-hop legends such as Rase Kass, O.C., Tragedy Khadafi, Goodie Mob, Shabaam Sahdeeq and other lesser-known but equally talented names!
The osmosis operates on King Flow's beatmaking style, with a mix of 90s, Sudist and boombap influences!

A new vinyl bomb for all lovers of good hip-hop music !!!!

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