A Frames - 2 LP


Sold Out

Label: S-S

Our Review:

Heads up for another wallop of very angular bare-bones post punk. Yes, A Frames wear their love of early 80s Wire, The Fall and/or Gang Of Four prominently on their sleeves, and they capture the sound and energy very well. Although you might guess their hometown to be San Diego or Providence where many like-minded bands are based, this trio is in fact from Seattle, WA. Deep, deadpan vocals much like those of Nick Forte (Rorschach, Computer Cougar, Beautiful Skin) brood and proclaim while the very front'n'center chunky, choppy guitars jab and saw atop the simmering rhythm section. At times in their music as well as their lyrics and song titles ("Ionic," "Archaeology," "Modula," etc), they bring science, sci-fi and rock together – also calling to mind the less surfy, more art-damaged side of Man Or Astro-Man?.