Adrianne Lenker - Bright Future (Color Vinyl) LP


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Label: 4AD

Limited edition eco color vinyl.

On bright future, Adrianne Lenker, a songwriter known for turns of phrase and currents of rhyme, says it plainly, "you have my heart // i want it back." documented with analog precision, what began as an experiment in collaboration, became proof Adrianne's heart did return, full to the brim, daring her into the unknown.

Admirers of Adrianne's solo music and Big Thief will find on bright future her reliable talent captured in stunning, magnetic clarity. in the company of parlor instruments, Adrianne's modern melodic and lyrical inventions create new traditions. her vocal flights at times outwit gravity, then land, guiding along an earthly path. The wholeness of the un-spliced recordings preserve a time of musical friendship during a golden season.