Aeolus - A Retrospective LP


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Label: Aloha Got Soul

Our Review:

Robert "Aeolus" Myers is a composer and performer who began recording new age music in Honolulu, Hawaii in the early 1980s, first performing on Bob Kindler's rare and sought after cassette, Music From The Matrix I and later on his own releases. While living in Hawaii, Myers was a pivotal member of the Hawaiian avant-garde performance arts and modern dance scene, collaborating with numerous dance and theater companies, and often featuring modern dancers in his own live performance. He is also a classically trained bassoonist who performed with the Honolulu Symphony and others.

While the recordings featured here - compiled from his four long out of print solo releases - fall under the umbrella of new age, his experience in the world of classical music and avant-garde theater inform the pieces and elevate them far beyond your standard crystal shop background music. Working with flute, synthesizer and percussion Aeolus at times brings to mind Jon Hassell's Fourth World, the layered repetition of minimalists like Reich and Glass, impressionist composers and even the smoother side of 80s soul. Compiled by the artist himself and Roger Bong of the great Hawaii-centic label Aloha Got Soul, Aeolus: A Retrospective, is a beautiful collection that will appeal to fans of Eno and Iasos alike.