Alessandro Alessandroni - Open Air Parade LP


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Label: Sonor Music Editions

Alessandro Alessandroni's definitive holy grail, Open Air Parade, reissued on Sonor Music Editions. The very best library record by the cult maestro on the dreams podium alongside Spontaneous (1974), the two Farfalla recordings, and Ritmo Dell'industria the label released two years ago. A long-awaited masterpiece and sought-after gem by record collectors all over the world originally released in 1972 on the mythical SR Records with two tracks by the great bassist Giovanni Tommaso who surely played in this session. A dreamy album with the top-notch, strung-out psychedelic funk sounds, laden beat and groovy music with lush arrangements and insane vocal themes by Alessandro Alessandroni's Cantori Moderni chorus. An Italian library monster.