Algarnas Tradgard - Framtiden Ar Ett Svavande Skepp, Forankrat I Forntiden 2xLP


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Label: Subliminal Sounds

Our Review:

This is one of those essential reissues that remind us that everything cool was already done about forty years ago. Yep, these Swedish hippies sure knew what they were doing. Timeless psychedelia from 1972. Algarnas Tradgard (Garden of the Elks, in English) were droning away darkly on violins and cellos before Godspeed! You Black Emperor ever matriculated into the Suzuki School. Here's a classic from back in the day that ought to enter (and alter) your consciousness. To utilize a period comparison, imagine the kosmiche krautrock vibes of Amon Duul mixed with Nordic forest-darkness, as this group of solemn longhaired freaks space-out with their guitars, drums, strings, sitars, tabla, Moog synth, jew's harp and various other exotic instrumentation. There's some folky female vocals a la Fairport Convention and the occaional group chant, but Framtiden is mostly instrumental and entirely magical.

This album reveals Algarnas Tradgard as creators of dark stoned driftdrone every bit as cinematic as the best GYBE and even more authentically psychedelic than many of the current practioners. It's lovely, blissful, transportational stuff indeed. A quick guide to the crucial Swedish psych essentials definitely includes this, along with Parson Sound, Bo Hansson's Lord Of The Rings opus and the International Harvester album.

This deluxe double lp taken from original master tapes with the second lp featuring previously unreleased bonus tracks. Packaged with liner notes from the band and previously unseen vintage photos.