Almon Memela - Funky Africa LP


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Label: We Are Busy Bodies

We Are Busy Bodies returns with a reissue of composter, guitarist, and later producer, Almon Memela’s ultra rare 1975 album, Funky Africa. From the original liner notes: "Africa has always been many things to many people. To some, Africa is the Dark Continent, a mysterious, romantic and vast expanse of unexplored territory. To others, again, Africa is the ultimate symbol of man's triumph over his environment: a wakening giant destined to play a significant role in world affairs.

"But to Almon Memela, Africa is Home... and his music tells it like it really is. Funky Africa is the sound of Africa today. And as you listen, you will find that Africa is indeed many things. For in the music of Almon Memela lies everything that is Africa: the call of the wild and the scream of the Jumbo; the throb of the bush and the roar of Commissioner Street. So here it is... Funky Africa. The sound of Africa, by an African, for the world."