Andrew Chalk - Time In Hayfield LP


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Label: Faraway Press

Our Review:

Andrew Chalk has long been one of our favorite drone / ambient composers. Following his first noise productions as Ferial Confine in the early ‘80s and his early contributions to David Jackman’s Organum during that same time period, Chalk came into his own through the ‘90s and early ’00s, during which his work is slowly shifted toward a brightly cast sensibility. Across records like Goldfall and Blue Eyes Of The March (both from 20016), he manifests a soft focus impressionism of his ringing overtones and dynamic vibrations. Here on Time Of Hayfield, Chalk employs the talents of Vikki Jackman on piano. The airy, ethereal ambience of Chalk's drones shimmer as if they were the reflections of the sun striking the windswept body of water of your choice. For us, it would obviously be the cold waters off the Northern California coast; but for Mr. Chalk living in the northeast of England, it's the North Sea. There's something bitingly cold about this album; but the slippery icy drones that evolve and tumble in their organic cycles enjoy a beauty so profound as to ameliorate anything threatening and hostile. A beautiful, airy and meditative drone record. Originally released in 2007 on CD, Time Of Hayfield gets a beautiful repress on vinyl with a set of prints from the artist.